Three decades ago, I sold my first story to the Vancouver Sun. Newspapers were still a thing, computers took up whole rooms, and the internet was a mote in the eyes of a few scientists and researchers. 


How we communicate may have changed, but people haven’t. 

We still want stories; we still want to know unusual facts, hear about unforeseen events, get taken for a ride by unpredictable twists and turns. We want to know where to shop and where to eat, where to travel and what to see, who to believe and who to disregard. We want to have faith in the goodness of our fellow humans, to know that not everyone is out to make a quick buck, to understand why things happen the way they do. We want to be reached in a way that respects our intelligence and even makes us think. Most of all, I believe, we want to read about people who have done great things, who have persevered over incredible odds, who have created great and beautiful and helpful things. 

In writing countless articles, features, advertorials, press releases, and marketing and copywriting materials, I’ve interviewed thousands of people. Administrators, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, athletes, store owners, business owners, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, professors, contractors, interior designer, CEOs, musicians, actors, directors, special effects artists, realtors,  dancers, and more have let me into their worlds. I am grateful for each and every opportunity I’ve had to learn about their opinions, ideas, wants, and worries. And these opportunities have made me a pretty good writer. If you have something you want to communicate to people, in a clear, compelling and deeply human way, I can help. 


A partial list of publications I’ve written for includes Vancouver Sun, The Province, The Globe & Mail, USA Today, Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Courier, The Tyee, Rolling Stone. 


A partial list of my clients include Provincial Health Services Authority/BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, Chinatown Storytelling Centre,, Axia. 

Cranes at Burrard Inlet, East Vancouver, June 2022.