Some of my work

Here’s a sampling of my journalism and copywriting. 

For a travel story about the 100th anniversary, the challenge was to balance history, personal experience, and descriptions of the new centennial offerings into 1200 words. Story for the Vancouver Sun/Province, March 4-5, 2023.
Chinatown Storytelling Centre in Vancouver BC.
In 2021, I was asked to write brief bios for dozens of influential Chinese Canadians. These mini-bios are on display at the Vancouver Chinatown Storytelling Centre in Vancouver.
In 2021, I worked with Moonraker PR to revamp the website for BC Mental Health Substance Use Services. I interviewed top researchers in the province and wrote about their findings as well as BCMHSUS techniques such as trauma-informed practice.
Bottlenose dolphins The Secrets of Friendship documentary
The Secrets of Friendship—What the latest research reveal about dolphins, monkeys, dogs and humans.
Sarah Desjardins
Sarah Desjardins, star of Yellowjackets and The Night Agent, talks about life after Riverdale (and Jughead).